• 1546 West Martin Luther King Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90062

  • Jail Phone: (213) 485-2615

  • Bail Bond Phone:

  • Street parking is usually available near the Jail.


Visiting Hours:

  • Visiting Hours at Southwest Jail are 7 days a week, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Those who are arrested in the areas of Adams-Normandie, Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Village, Baldwin Vista, Crenshaw, Exposition Park, Jefferson Park, Leimert Park, Union Square, University Park, Village Green, West Adams will likely be transported for booking and processing to the Southwest Community Police Station Jail.

  • The region also includes the following neighborhoods and communities: Baldwin Village, Baldwin Vista, Crenshaw Community, Jefferson Park, Leimert Park, Crenshaw District, West Adams Community, and University Park.

  • The Southwest Community Police Station is under the jurisdiction of the LAPD South Bureau. It serves the culturally diverse community of over 165,000 people.

  • This is a smaller facility and if the defendant is not bailed out quickly, they will likely be transported to one of the larger jails such as Twin Towers for men, or Lynwood Jail for women.

  • Attorneys, bail bondsmen and members of the clergy may visit at any time for as long as they like.

  • IMPORTANT: After about 12 to 24 hours, the arrestee/inmate will be transferred to another jail. This transfer usually leads to a longer time in Jail, resulting in anywhere from 12-24 hours as additional paperwork is conducted. To avoid the extra jail time, we always recommend that the bail bond process should be initiated as soon as possible, so the defendant can avoid the transfer process altogether.

Visiting Procedures:

  • One (1) adult and one (1) child may visits an inmate at the Jail for 15 minutes per day. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Only visitors with a valid ID will be allowed to visit inmates at the Jail. Officers at the Jail may deny visitation rights to anyone for any number of reasons.



Telephone Access & Mail:

  • During booking, the person being held in the Jail may make unlimited free local telephone calls.

  • Arrestees/Inmates may not receive calls or phoned-in messages, but may make unlimited local calls while in the Holding Tank. Because inmates are frequently transferred from the Jail, inmates should not be sent mail.


Personal Property:

  • Any time after arrest, an arrestee/inmate may authorize the release of his personal property to anyone unless that property has been entered into evidence. If property has been entered as evidence, it will not be available for release until after the criminal case is concluded.

How to Bail and Inmate Out of Jail: