• 215 Sumner Avenue, Avalon, California, 90704

  • Jail Phone: (310) 510-0174

  • Bail Bonds Phone: 

  • Limited street parking is available near the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail


Visiting Hours:

  • The Avalon Sheriff Station Jail, situated in the one-square mile City of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, houses temporary arrestees and a limited number of trustees ( persons serving out their sentences) at any given time because of its size. The Avalon Sheriff Station provides law enforcement services to Santa Catalina Island ("Catalina Island"), San Clemente Island and covers ocean waters between the aforementioned islands and mainland southern California.

  • Since arrestees will not be held at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail for no more than 48, excluding holidays and weekends, they may not be at the Jail long enough to receive visits. If you wish to visit an arrestee at the Jail, you may do so Monday through Sunday provided the arrestee is still present at the Jail. Trustee inmates are allowed to receive visitors on Saturday or Sunday. In either case, if you plan to visit an inmate at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail, you should contact the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail at 310-510-0174 to arrange visitation. If you will be arriving on a ferry from the mainland, you may want to call Catalina Express, a ferry service which provides daily transportation from San Pedro or Long Beach to and from Avalon. You can reach Catalina Express by calling 800-622-2354.

  • Since the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail's visiting hours and roster of inmates who are eligible for visits vary and are subject to change without notice, you should always call the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail before visiting. You can reach an officer at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail at any time by calling 310-510-0174.

  • Upon the presentation of a valid State Bar identification card and photo identification, attorneys are generally permitted to visit inmates at any time for as long as they like. Visits by members of the clergy and bails bondsmen may be limited. All visitors should contact the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail to coordinate visitations.

  • IMPORTANT: People taken into custody in Catalina will typically be transported to the mainland (to one of the county jails) within several hours of their arrest. We recommend contacting us quickly so they can be bailed out of custody while at this smaller jail facility.

Visiting Procedures:

  • The number of visitors and the amount of time allowed for visits with arrestees may vary. One to three visitors at one given time may visit a trustee inmate. Such visits may be 60 to 90 minutes in duration. Although children may visit inmates at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail, like adults, they are counted as visitors. All children must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Visitor Restrictions:

  • Only visitors with a valid ID will be allowed to visit inmates at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail. Acceptable forms of ID include:

    • California Identification Card

    • Driver's License (any state)

    • U.S. Military Identification

    • Passport/Visa

    • Mexican Consulate Card

    • Permanent Resident Card

    • Valid School Identification Card or Birth Certificate (if visitor is a minor).

    • Officers at the Jail may deny visitation rights to anyone for any number of reasons.

  • Persons on probation and/or on parole should contact the Watch Commander to obtain a clearance that will permit them to visit an inmate at the Jail.

Telephone Access & Mail:

  • During booking, the person being held at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail, ("the arrestee"), may make at least two (2) free long distance or local telephone calls. Arrestees/Inmates may not receive calls or phoned-in messages, but once housed, inmates may make unlimited collect calls. Since arrestees will not be housed for more than 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail, you should avoid sending an arrestee/inmate mail at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail. However, you may send mail to a trustee inmate at the Avalon Sheriff Station Jail. To do so, address the mail as follows:

[Inmate's Name]

Avalon Sheriff Station Jail

P.O. Box 1551

Avalon, California 90704

Personal Property:

  • Any time after arrest, an arrestee/inmate may authorize the release of his personal property to anyone unless that property has been entered into evidence. If property has been entered as evidence, it will not be available for release until after the criminal case is concluded.


How to Bail and Inmate Out of Jail: